Engaging content with quizzes and gamification

MillionMind has existed in its current form since 2008, and the two main pillars of the company are quiz and gamification. As a concept, gamification has been about since around 2010, but the phenomena itself is age-old. Gamification is based on game-design elements and game principles, and is all about understanding what it is that makes playing games so engaging and to transfer that knowledge to other areas – like marketing, education, information and loyalty building – to be able to improve the user experience of each. Gamification helps spark curiosity and interest, which makes your content more memorable – whatever the subject matter. 

Our niche within gamification is quiz making, and we create different types of quizzes, with customised designs and for diverse purposes, for a number of Sweden’s largest companies – amongst others SJ, DN, Folksam, ASSA ABLOY, Schibsted and Svenska Spel.

In the prevailing media and advertising climate it is no longer possible to create an impact using only the standard ads and banners. Today’s customers demand participation, dialogue and live content, which is why many companies increasingly engage in content marketing and native advertising – two concepts that offer attractive content with a more subtle brand presence. Our quiz services perfectly lend themselves to this type of advertising. We are currently seeing a major shift in the market’s awareness of this, as well as in their awareness of the positive impact of gamification.

Our goal is to create the world’s best quiz platform in terms of design and useability as well as its various features and functions. The importance of having a modern and flexible platform cannot be overestimated given the rapid development of smartphones that is taking place. What is new and hot today will soon be outdated, as technology progresses ever faster. With our new platform, scheduled to be launched in the fall of 2018, we will already be leading the development in this area, and it’s for our competitors to try to keep up. The improved flexibility of the platform is also future proofing us as it will allow us both to seamlessly update it and to easily make the changes we will need as we move forward. In this new version of the platform we will also enhance the unique gamification features that already distinguishes us from our competitors and which are one of the major reasons why we have some of Sweden’s largest companies as customers.


”With this quiz platform we get an effective form of competition which is easy to manage. This gives us the opportunity to quickly and easily create competitions with prizes from us and our partners, whilst simultaneously communicating our message via the quizzes – and we can even use them for simple surveys.” Peter Magnusson, SJ Commercial communication